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Privacy Policy

Bondhu24 is an education and knowledge based website. Content on various topics is published on this website for the benefit of the visitors. As the content is diverse, different categories of visitors enter our website. But every visitor is very important to us. We accept everyone with respect, affection and love. 

Bondhu24 of privacy policy:- 

Each organization maintains a privacy policy to ensure service to their visitors / users or customers. We are not against it either. Following are the clear guidelines regarding the privacy policy for our website- 

The privacy of visitors to the Bondhu24 website is very important to us. We collect some of your information when you make a comment as a user on the Bondhu24 website. Such as: – Name, Email ID, Browser Location, Time, Date, Operating System etc. 

Reasons for data collection:- This information is collected to ensure that the service is provided to the visitors of our website. However, we never use the personal information of visitors or share it to anyone else. 

If any of Bondhu24‘s visitors continue to engage in spamming or illegal activities, those visitors are identified and dropped from their IP block list. So, that no ordinary visitor and Bondhu24 authorities face any loss for all those dishonest visitors. 

➤If you need more information about Bondhu24‘s privacy policy, please contact us. E-mail:-